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2019-08-22校招大幕开启 这些新兴职业你听过吗?
标签:第八篇 wy6s 新金沙在线官网

2018年校园招聘的大幕已经拉开。在这群95后毕业生的眼里,薪水、稳定性早已经不是最主要的考量点,有趣成为他们选择职业时的重要指标。Grad... [查看全文]


When the novelist Claire Messud was asked if she would want to be friends with Nora, the rage-filled protagonist... [查看全文]


I woke up one morning last week with all the usual signs of a nasty cold: thumping headache, blocked nose, spo... [查看全文]


Gamers can dispatch evildoers in a nanosecond on a Razer laptop. But it takes Min-Liang Tan, the company’s... [查看全文]


What can a person do that is worth a third of a billion dollars? A retirement announcement from Kenneth Chenaul... [查看全文]


SAN FRANCISCO — Silicon Valley’s startups have always had a recruiting advantage over the industry’s g... [查看全文]


David Sancho’s office at Mango sits in the sprawling Chinese headquarters building in the bustling Jing&rsquo... [查看全文]


Office workers in the Philippines, you may now stand up. In fact, you have to stand up. Regularly.菲律宾的办公室... [查看全文]


The phrase most commonly used to describe a particularly noxious form of workplace aggression is sexual harassment... [查看全文]


It is high season for customer complaints, when tourists take to social media to complain about their hotels or... [查看全文]